Dealing Fees

Fee Amount
Dealing costs (Online) £12.50
Dealing costs (Postal/Telephone) 0.5% (minimum £12.50)
Dealing costs (Regular Investing) £1.25
Stamp duty levy 0.5% payable on the purchase of UK shares (excluding certified shares on AIM and other recognised growth markets). Other rates may apply to shares listed outside the UK.

Admin Fees

Fee Amount
Administration fee £4.80 per month [1]
Postal Charge £2.40 per month

[1] Get your monthly administration fees waived: Where you have paid at least £12.50 in commission on a single trade, your next administration fee will be waived.

Illustration for new Investment purchases

The link below provides you with an illustration of the effect costs and charges could have on any future investments you purchase. It is not marketing material. This information is required by law and you are advised to read it in order that you can make an informed decision about whether to invest. If you wish to see costs and charges for a specific investment, please log in here or call us on +44 (0) 370 707 1606

Trading Account & ISA.

Other Fees

Fee Amount
GBP withdrawal (3-5 days) £0.00
GBP withdrawal (same day) £25.00
GBP withdrawal to overseas bank a/c £50.00
GBP cheque £25.00
Bounced cheque or unpaid direct debit £25.00
Transfer to another broker £0.00
Certificate lodgement £0.00
Certificate re-registration £25.00 per certificate
Estates/Probate fee £100.00
Automatic reinvestment (min £10.00) £1.25
Gifting fee £0.00
Overdue fee charge £7.50

How are my fees paid?

Taken from your account as part of each transaction.

Your account admin fee (and postal statements & contract notes fee if chosen) will be collected from your account on the 26th of each month, or the next business day. If there is not enough money in your account to pay the fee, we will take the payment from the next credit to your account. If there are outstanding fees, you will be able to see the amount owed on your statements. You can then pay into your account as normal to cover the fee owed. Please note, we may write to you if the outstanding amount is not cleared and we may have to sell investments in your account to cover the fee owed.

Where you have paid at least £12.50 in commission on a single trade, your next administration fee will be waived.

Taken from your account at the time of the individual transaction. We will contact you if there is insufficient money in your account to cover any fees due.

To recover overdue fees on your account we may need to divest the equivalent value of your investments, plus an additional charge to cover the cost of the trade.

Gross interest on any cash you hold is credited quarterly to your account at the Bank of Scotland base rate less 3.5%. The Share Centre may retain the difference between the interest paid to you and the interest we are able to earn, as permitted by the Financial Conduct Authority.